Hello, World.

My name is Erik Baldwin.
Graphic & UI/UX Designer,
Front-end Engineer, and Drupal Expert
Based in Portland, Oregon.


Whom I've Become.

Having vast experience for someone of my age — so I've been told — I have been an Auto Mechanic, a Computer and Electronics Technician, a Network Administrator, an Architectural Draftsman and Designer, a Retail Salesman, and – in my most recent endeavor – a Software Engineer. Yes, I am an entrepreneur.

My current employer, Acquia, has given me the opportunity to define, document, build, and maintain a design system for their multitude of products, properties, and applications. Being my first experience in a large corporate environment, I've gained a lot of useful skills outside of my technical ability. Being a part of a large ecosystem of developers has made me realize that I would like to eventually move into a leadership role wherever I may end up. Essentially owning the design language implementation and ensuring that it's included in the development process for both new and existing applications has motivated me to lead by example.

Outside of my current experience, I would like the opportunity to build a Design Language framework that is "pluggable", helping other companies and individuals in my industry define, document, build and maintain their own design system. At some point, I would also like to be able to integrate the output of that pluggable system — a component-based design language — into my favorite CMS (Drupal) and favorite JS MVC (Angular). The goal being for that work to stand as a reference implementation.

I regularly attend and present at open source software conferences, but I would like to have the opportunity to more formally teach and train others in my industry. I've gained a vast knowledge of best practices relating to front-end implementations and desire to share with others in my industry. Of course, there are others who design with a component-based approach; my edge comes from my experience developing with multiple methodologies, allowing me to identify and assemble the bease parts of each into one systen.

I have worked in the auto industry as a mechanic and on general gear-heady projects. I started my intended career as an architect by becoming a draftsman when I was still in high school; during the same time also building and repairing PCs as a side business. When the housing market took a dive in the mid aughts, I morphed my hobby as a digital artist and web developer into my new career. During my transition from Architectural Design and Drafting to Software Engineering I learned a great deal; about life, about running my own business, and especially about the correlary processes between the various industries I've worked in.

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What I Do.

Skilled at a great many things, and aside from my hobbies there are few things that I thoroughly enjoy when I am able to help others succeed. Below – in no particular order – is a list of the types of services that I'm motivated to provide in return for my own monetary gain.

  • Branding

    Graphic design has long been a passion of mine — reproducing video game logos by hand, creating logos and branding materials for ficticious businesses I had made-up in my head — allowing me to flex creative muscles in a digital language. I've not only created brand identities for my own businesses, but have also had my services procured by friends and family for their own endeavors.

  • UI Design

    As an Architectural and graphic designer, through my transition into a digital-media designer I understood that static design mockups (Photoshop, etc) were not conducive of effecient web development. Using a mixture of technologies I adopted a design methodology that allows design to be developed in-technology which is conducive of effecient iterative enhancement.

  • Software Engineering

    There are many parallels between design and engineering. A myriad of professional experiences forced me to develop skills that were – albeit outside of my comfort zone – beneficial for my career development. Getting involved with the open source community via Drupal development is one of the best experiences of my life thus far and has instilled a sense of "greater good" and "best practice development" in all of the projects that I have taken on since.

  • Photography

    This is more of a hobby than a claim, but I love taking photographs and editing them; analog or digital, photography is fun. What I have a lot of experience in is art directing photo shoots as this has almost always gone hand in hand with commerce projects that I have worked on.

  • General and Technical Consulting

    I enjoy giving my opinion to others — though perhaps, only when it's warranted. The mentors and experts that I've had the opportunity to work with has given me a vast proficiency across many skills and topics. I am by no means an expert in all fields, but my transparent nature and willingness to learn have allowed me to absord knowledge around many areas of interest. Whether you would like me to consult on the Feng Shui of your newly remodelled home, the initial design of said home remodel, or even torque some wrenches on your project car in the garage, I'll make myself and my service knowledge available to you.


I've Got Some Skills.

With a passion for learning new technologies and gaining new skills, I am always attempting to better myself and grow in new ways. Many of my previous carrers have given me valuable skills that have positively impacted my personal and professional life. Aside from experiences outside of tech, I've ammassed a broad technical skillset that I continually strive to master.

  • 100%
  • 100%
  • 90%
    Visual Design
  • 95%
    JavaScript (JQuery, Node, TypeScript)
  • 65%
  • 95%
  • 80%
    Angular JS (v1+)


See My Latest Projects.

A short excerpt of the myriad of projects that I've curated, imagineered, or collaborated on with other creative and inspired individuals. If you like my style and would like to work with me, send me a message.

Big Couch Media site redesign

In keeping with their existing corporate identity and branding, a usable interface for everything from mobile devices to large-scale touch devices was developed to showcase their products and services.

CLoud NYNE Design, LLC

CND is a partnership between my husband and myself. We Specialize in Drupal consultancy, but are also up for any major technical task; dev-ops to business analysis, our primary goal is to provide a solution that is catered to your project's specific requirements.

James Wilbat Glass Studio

This was a pro bono project that a coworker had "roped" me into because of my quick turn around with Drupal Commerce projects – for the record, I'm joking about being "roped in."

WCL Technology

A personal friend of mine in the cyber security business needed a brand to work under. "World Class Leaders" is the brainchild of a security master-mind!

Drupalcon Los Angeles 2015

Shortly after moving to Portland, OR I was fortunate enough to use the Drupal Association's offices which landed me an opportunity to design the next North American Drupalcon landing page.

Drupal Easy T-shirts

A few concept designs furnished for my very good friends at Drupal Easy. Details

Process by the Drop

CLoud NYNE's project manager was looking to expand his network and focus on project management for Drupal-based projects; this eventually turned into DruPM™.

Remer Services, Inc.

Contracted through Big Couch, this project allowed me to flex my creative muscle and provide an adaptive design for a company of Lake Erosion Specialists based in South Florida.

Carpe Diem Guesthouse & Spa

This design won a few awards after we launched the site, but It is not one of my own — My role on this project was only as a Drupal Consultant and Developer, where I transformed the design into a responsive and adaptive Drupal theme.

Urban ReThink

A coworking space that was opened while I was in Orlando was in need of some design work for their social events calendar. This calendar wouldn't only be used by the public, but also by the administrators as many of the rooms could be rented out for private evetns and meetings. My design inspiration stemmed from the Gugenheim's social events calendar, which was very interactive and slick beck in 2012.

Tasty Leftovers

I thoroughly enjoy cooking, baking and eating exciting cuisine. Tasty Leftovers is a personal project of mine that developed so that I could share my recipes with others, but also express my skeumorphic design style creatively.

DrupalCon Paris 2009

The DrupalCon Paris organizers were crowdsourcing a t-shirt design for the conference; I entered and my design was one of 3 chosen!

Tamas Estates

Pixel perfect design implemented in a Drupal 6 environment.

Career and Education

More of My Credentials.

While the breadth of my career experience isn't listed, take a look at my LinkedIn profile to get more details. Once there, you will see many of the additional skills I have been endoresed for by my connections.


September 2014 - Present

Acquia, Inc.

Software Engineer, Senior UX Engineer, Front-end Engineer

The experience I've gained while working at Acquia is invaluable. I've learned a tremendous amount about how large organizations operate and the importance of documented processes and procedures when working on large distributed teams. I feel that the experience I acquired across my various roles at Acquia have prepared me for other corporate experiences, and have also accurately reset the initial expectations I had at the time I was given an offer for employment.

January 2007 - Present

CLoud NYNE Design, LLC

President, Lead Designer, Drupal Consultant

Initially, CND started as a mail-marketing company that designed fliers and other marketing materials for small businesses. Over the last decade it has developed into a Drupal Expert Powerhouse™ because of it's involvement with the open-source Drupal project (See you in Baltimore). From the early days of CND, Drupal has played a pivotal role: our own business management and marketing relied on it, our client's needs were easily attained with it, and the skillsets of everyone that worked on our projects grew exponentially. Without Drupal, I am unaware of what Cloud NYNE would have become.

August 2001 - September 2006

Martelli Signature Construction

Draftsman, Architectural Assistant, Webmaster

I started a journey down this career path many years before starting as a draftsman at Martelli Construciton. In high school I started working part time here, earning knowledge and gaining practical experience with the skills I had acquiared over previous years' exposure to hands-on home construction, engineering and machining. Many of my life's greatest lessons were learned while I was employed here and I owe a great deal to Geoff, my mentor and champion during those years.



Valencia College

Independent Study — Entrepreneurship in Modern America

After gaining a bit of knowledge on how to run a business – the hard way, with no real experience at all – I thought that it would be a good idea to add to the few years of knowledge I posessed. While only a semester long, this study group gave me insight into how one can cultivate the experiences they desire to have by setting goals and taking action toward achievement; "We are the only ones that stand in our way" is one statement I clearly remember from this course.

2004 - 2006

University of South Florida

School of Architecture

At USF my primary focus was Architecture. I was on track to complete a five (5) year degree program in three (3) years; it was rigorous, and my previous experience helped me stay ahead of the curve. I had to depart when the housing market in FL "crashed." Losing my job, I couldn't afford the expense of my education any longer. While attending shool, I found myself becoming a Founding father of a new Zeta Beta Tau chapter, Gamma Chi. An experience that none-the-less helped me adjust to adult life, but also one that reinforced the leadership skills I had acquired through the FBLA progrm in high school.

2000 - 2004

West Port Hight School

High Honors Graduate | Class of 2004

In my junior year I transfered to WPHS where I lived some of the most formative years of my life. I was active in the Future Business Leaders of America program, the Academic team, weightlifting team and numerous other extracurriculars. I excelled in my Drafting class and was often either helping fellow students with their work or hosting a Quake 3™ Tournament. The Web Design & Development class I attended was fun, and I learned a ton, but I quickly outpaced my classmates as my profeciency allowed me to do a lot of experimentation as part of my regular classwork.


What People Say About Me.

I'd like to take this moment to say Thank You to the the many people that I've had the chance to work with in my professional life, especially those who have left kind and supporting words about me.

Erik is one of the brightest front-end designers I've had the pleasure of collaborating with. Tenacious in his quest for knowledge, and a stickler for getting it right -- both in terms of providing immense business value to his clients, but also in implementing solutions that follow closely to Web Standards. He's got a keen mind for business and an ever impressive design style. I look forward to collaborating with him again.

Eric Marden, VP of Engineering at ReviewTrackers

Erik is an excellent front-end developer, designer and Drupalist. We have relied on his expertise multiple times and continue to work with him whenever possible. Whether he is working on complex responsive themes, custom javascript solutions or advanced Drupal architecture, he has always been up to the task. He's an excellent problem solver and always asks quality questions that are both concise and helpful. Erik is extremely personable and we love having him in the office whenever his travels take him through Chicago.

Brant Wynn, Senior Architect at Acquia

Erik is a talented designer and up-and-coming Drupal Themer. I have hired Erik on numerous Drupal projects to assist in design and theming and look forward to working with him again in the future.

Michael Anello, Co-owner at DrupalEasy

I was fortunate enough to work with Erik while he was in Chicago. I came to Erik many times as a senior drupal themer with questions and Erik inevitably always had the solution. His knowledge of front end development and theming make him a leader by example in the Drupal community. And to top it all off...he's a genuinely nice guy who really enjoys helping others.

Chad Goodrum, Project Manager at

Erik and I worked together on a few projects for a variety of clients. His passion for getting the design right for the client needs drives a project through its ups and downs. I'd be happy to work with him again.

Don VanDemark, CTO, AspirEDU


I'm Available for Freelance Work. Feel Free to Contact Me.

Whether you're looking to have me fill a vacancy or be suplementary to your development team, get in touch with me and we'll figure out where I can help your project succeed.

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